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Therapeutic Grief Hiking Group




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I know all to well the heart wrenching reality of losing someone you love. By the age of 14 I experienced the death of three close family members, one of which was my father. At a very young age I learned that grief was not just a one time event, but would continue to occur over and over in my life. The death of someone we love may be one single event, however, their absence and the grief that leaves behind happens for every holiday, every major life event, and sometimes just because we saw something that reminds us of that person. Grief is never healed, however, it can become easier to greet each time it rises up in us. 

As a child, I didn't have the support I truly needed to go through my grief. So, the ocean and the beach became the source of my healing. Sitting at the beach became an almost meditative tool in which I could just think and feel and the sound of the ocean would bring me peace at the same time. As a result, I truly feel that nature can be a part of our healing journey.

It is my hope to bring others into nature and provide a healing environment where your grief can be witnessed, shared (if you want), and honored. Whether you have experienced the death of your loved one a week, a month, months, or years ago, the journey of grief in ongoing and deserves attention. We are here to help you find a little bit of ease and comfort on that journey. 

   Ashley Fayak
Founder & CEO

This                 is designed for

All Ages, participants under 16 must be accompanied by an adult

Anyone who has experienced the death of a loved one, pet, friend, or family member

Making meaningful connections with others, who are also grieving

Individuals who enjoy being outdoors and immersed in nature

Any level of physical fitness, each hike is easy to moderate and we go at a leisure pace

Individuals and families, who want the space, time, and focus to feel free of everyday existence, in order to fully give attention to and allow your inner processes to unfold

Ready to learn valuable skills in order to honor and process your grief 

Each hike                 ...     

A one on one session to assess your needs prior to attending group

A beginning meditation

Time in silence to allow for your inner processes to unfold

A new skill given each hike in order to manage stress and emotions

Time for mindfulness & journaling

A trained, CPR certified, Wilderness First Aid certified, guide

"Nature is the kind of friend, who never leaves my side. Even in grief-stricken times in her soul I can confide."
                                       -Angie Welland-Crosby

During the 8 weeks,
Our hikes 

Provide you with an opportunity to learn ways to manage your grief and symptoms that have come along with your grief

Give you an opportunity to share (if you want to) about your loved one and honor their memory

Give you time to honor your loved one in a special way in nature

Help you make connections with others, who may understand what you are experiencing

Help you become connected with yourself, your thoughts, and your emotions through mindfulness practices and journaling

Helps children learn how to talk about grief and process grief in a safe and fun way. 

Helps to normalize grief and grief responses for all ages.


2023 Hiking Schedule & Locations

May 21

Pony Pasture Trail at James River Park


June 4

Suspension Bridge
to Belle Isle Loop


June 25

State Park


July 9

State Park


July 23

Point of Rocks Trail


August 6

Forest Hill Park


Aug 20



Sept 10



Limited Spots Available!


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