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I have had the privilege of receiving wonderful supervision while on my career path and am looking forward to helping others on this journey as well! It's a great opportunity to assist others in learning and gaining knowledge needed to succeed in the mental health field. 

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Clinical                       for LPC

Clinical Supervision services are provided to help resident in counseling in Virginia learn clinical skills, develop their counseling style, encourage personal growth, and prepare them for licensure in Virginia. Clinical Supervisors provide supervision on either an individual or group format to assist residents in counseling fulfill their residency requirements. Ashley Fayak, LPC provides a hands-on approach in supervision and will ask that you engage in case consultations, trainings to increase knowledge and understanding of diagnostic criteria and treatment modalities, as well as engage you in using therapeutic interventions that are necessary to move clients forward in therapy. Ashley Fayak, LPC will provide training on ethical guidelines and procedures. Ashley Fayak, LPC utilizes a wide variety of approaches to meet clients where they are in sessions, and will educate LPC Resident on how to engage in these perspectives as well. If you are interested in receiving Clinical Supervision, please contact Ashley with information provided below!


I'm looking forward to connecting with you and assisting you in growing!


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