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Society would tell us that our home should be our safe place. It’s where we have dinner each night with our families, huddle around the fireplace and cuddle on the couch watching our favorite shows. It’s the place where all of our memories should bring back nostalgia, joy, and safety. If we’re honest with ourselves, for many of us, this is not the home we grew up in, nor is it the one we live in presently. Some of us have been in situations where the houses we lived or live in are tied to trauma, and the very sight of those places and the knowledge of what we have done to survive can be emotionally activating. 


So, instead of looking for home in a four-wall structure, this means we have to find and create safety within ourselves.

Gluggaveður means window weather, it’s a term used in

Iceland due to its unpredictable and extreme weather.

When looking out the window, the weather looks perfect,

but once you step outside, you’re met with frigid temperatures.


While inside, it's warm, comfortable, and safe.  Now imagine taking that

feeling with you into nature- now that is true nostalgia. There are times

and moments in life when things will feel rough, rigid, and wild, but

remember your center- the home created and accepted within you.

Allow it to be your true north, guiding you through life’s good and bad.

Our vision is to guide each person we get to aid on this journey to find that center, tap into emotions freely, to sit with them, to embrace the wild and scary parts of yourself that were created to survive, so you can create a feeling of safety inside yourself.  Whether that’s in an office with one of our therapists or out in the wild with one of our nature based services.


What does home feel and look like inside your heart and mind?










Our mission is to help you create a home and safety within yourself through outpatient therapy, grief counseling, therapeutic group hiking, EMDR, and nature based retreats.


We strive to create a space for our clients that allows them to feel seen, heard, and valued. We make space for all emotions, thoughts, and experiences in hopes of creating therapeutic alliance and rapport.  It is also our hope that when a client does not feel connected in our space, that they allow us to help them find another therapist who can create the space they are hoping for. 


Peace is when, as therapist we are able to remain calm or to remain our authentic selves in the midst of chaos, difficulty, and moments of anxiety. Peace is experienced in the present moment when we are able to quiet our minds and hear our highest inner self speaking to us, but also accepting life as it is in that exact moment. As an agency we aim to teach our staff as well as our clients to create a home in themselves that is able to be accessed in moments of stress and difficulty. 

Willingness To Be Open

While we all operate from our own personal values, our agency makes every effort to remain unbiased, non-judgmental, and accepting of all people and their experiences. If we do not have the competency or knowledge to assist with an issue we verbalize this and adjustments will be accommodated. We allow all experiences to be shared in session by our clients so that together we can process how this affects their ability to engage with their own thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and perception of the world. It is also our hope that clients come to session open and willing to learn new skills and willing to become more aware of themselves. As well as each staff member come to meetings open and willing to also learn new skills and become more aware of themselves.


As an agency, I aim for us to understand our clients to the best of our abilities and competence. We take time to think through the best way to go forward with our clients and set intentions for sessions that align with what the client feels is best for them. We also educate clients to respect themselves and to set clear healthy boundaries in their lives as well as with us as therapists, allowing them to be the expert of their lives. 


As an agency, our hope is to create a high level of awareness in our staff as well as our clients. It is the hope that each individual be aware of their inner working, emotions, thoughts, and unconscious driven behaviors.  We strive to actively educate our clients on neuroscience, self care routines, breaking habitual patterns, new ways of listening to their bodies, and learning to validate their own emotions and experiences. Most Importantly, Trust your gut!


It takes an immense amount of courage to show up for yourself in any manner of life. To also then share thoughts, feelings, and experiences and be open to evaluating and examining your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs takes even more courage. We commend each and every client and staff member for their courage and often illuminate accomplishments, progress, and achievements no matter how small or big to help affirm that showing up for yourself is the best decision you can make for your mental health, career, and overall wellbeing!

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