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Hello and Welcome!

Thank you for beginning this journey. No matter what the response has been from your immediate friends, families, or inner critic, I believe you are making a good decision. Therapy is an inviting place where every single part of you is welcome, even the parts that are uncomfortable, wild, or scary feeling. We are honored that you chose this process as your vehicle to healing. Here at Heal it in the Wild LLC, we hope to meet the following values to help you on your journey of healing: connection, respect, peace, intuition, willingness to be open, and courage. We would like to emphasize courage, because in this exact moment you are being courageous in showing up for yourself!

If this is your first time in therapy, welcome!  We commend you on taking your first step. Often times, the first step is the hardest, yet YOU DID IT! For those who have been to therapy before and are starting again, welcome back. We would like to commend you on being brave enough to return, at times, having to revisit work that you did before and figuring out together with your therapist what your goals are now can be frustrating or disheartening. 

Therapy will be difficult sometimes and at others the most enjoyable part of your week. As therapists, we welcome these opposing states and embrace them as a sign of good work being done on your behalf. We ask that you bring your authentic and whole self to each session. We encourage you to allow yourself to experience any emotion or thought freely, for example crying without needing to apologize and voicing your feelings with confidence. If you are not quite there yet, we hope you will allow us to help you reach that point. It is our genuine hope that every client journeys along their therapeutic path with a renewed sense of understanding and self-appreciation.

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"Our Job Is Not To Deny The Story, 
But To Defy The Ending-
To Rise Strong,
Recognize Our Story,
And Rumble With The Truth Until We Get To A Place Where We Think,
'Yes. This Is What Happened. And I Will Choose How The Story Ends'"
-Brene Brown, Rising Strong


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